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About this Mailing List

About NeuroMail Mailing List (May.2017)

NeuroMail is a mailing list for reciprocal communication between people on neural network studies and related fields on science and technology. The mailing list has started in 1989 in a form of voluntary service based on email addresses of Japan Neural Network Society members. The service is in principle in Japanese, while English mails are welcome. We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation on NeuroMail for the sake of development in science and technology.

Number of NeuroMail delivery Number of people registered to NeuroMail

(Note of the figure: Recently, the number of enrollment is decreasing. But the number of deliverd mails is contining to deliver more than a thousand mails every year.)

The 6th NeuroMail Committee
Yoshihiro OKUMURA, Ayumi HONDA

Secretariat: Neuroinformatics Japan Center, RIKEN Brain Science Institute

Past Announcements (in Japanese)

Those who want to register, change or resign from the membership

The registered members will receive our e-mails from the following new address:

neuromail _AT_

All members who register for our service will receive our e-mails with the prefix [NeuroMail] in the box (Subject:) when they send an e-mail to the above mentioned address. The contents of our service are basically the same as before. We would like you to enjoy the service for a variety of usages, such as informing transfers, notice of meetings and discussions, etc.

Those who want to register for our service on-line

Access to the neuromail registration page. By inputting your mail address, your name and your sub-affiliation, you will be registered after certification.

Those who want to register only by sending e-mail

Send an e-mail writing only “help” in the box (Subject:) to:
neuromail-request _AT_

You will receive an e-mail that will inform you what to do with the mail command from neuromail-bounces _AT_ You can bring forward registration in reference to the information of the e-mail. Make sure to utilize half-size characters instead of double-byte characters for alphabets or numeric characters.

Furthermore, refer to the following “Posting Rules” concerning the reminder/observance for posting.

Contribution rule

Mails sent to neuromail _AT_ for the purpose of distributing the news or promoting discussions among participants are to be distributed without any modification to all the participants. Therefore, you are required to take care in checking the contents before posting them. In addition, you are also required to observe the following notes:

  • Those who have not registered for the neuromail cannot post to neuromail _AT_ We recommend to you that when you register for the neuromail, you become a member of the Japanese Neural Network Society.

  • Make sure not to use this mailing list for profit. Posting to introduce scholarly books and literature is permitted only once.

  • The information on mailing list mails should never be allowed to be reproduced in other lists, etc, unless there is permission from the providers. E-mails with the instruction such as * All rights reserved * or * Do not forward to other lists * will be sent to you from time to time. These mails are sent to beforehand notify that the providers will never permit the reproduction of the information. In addition, the notice of the literature database, such as the neuroprose, should essentially be prevented from being reproduced.

  • The news notifying of academic meetings or seminars which are provable to be posted by many posters at the same time should be sent beforehand to the mailing list administrator: neuromail-owner _AT_ The information will be posted to the neuromail after arrangement.

We would like all of you to enjoy the mailing list for the purpose of discussing or exchanging information, etc., while abiding by the above mentioned notes.

Registration address is a must.

Make sure to fill in your registration address in the sender box. The mailing list is automatically updated by checking the members in reference to the senders on the mail header (From:) besides the mails of registration or those of requests of the guide book.

Garbled characters in the case of using Japanese code

Using the Japanese codes besides the ISO-2022-JP(JIS code; rfc1468/rfc1554) for sending e-mails might cause garbled characters. However, the usual e-mail transmitting/receiving software has the character code change function. Therefore, using some other Japanese codes such as EUC, Shift-JIS will not cause any problems in terms of the basic transmission/receipt of e-mails. (We confirmed that the e-mail transmitting/receiving performance was correct with “Eudora” and “Outlook”(Windows version), and “Eudora” and “Apple Mail”(Macintosh version)).

Garbled characters in the mails for receiving postings?

Those who have posted to the neuromail will have the confirmation mail of receipt. When sending e-mails using the Japanese code, as there might be garbled characters in the Japanese subject. Keep in mind that it is not an error. Those who don’t want to receive any confirmation mail of receipt can change the setup of options by themselves on the Web page:

Mails have to be sent by (text/plain)

Do not post formatted mails or HTML mails, since some of the e-mail transmitting/receiving software is not capable of interpreting them. We would like you to post mails by (text/plain) so that all the members can receive them.

As is often the case, some of the software, like Windows version of Outlook, is basically set to send mails by HTML. We would suggest that you should change the setup so that “mails should be sent by (text/plain).”

Warning of the attached documents

When you send e-mails with attached documents, be sure to run virus checking beforehand. Although our server is functioned not to transmit/receive mails with viruses, in the case of virus mails passing the barrier, they will possibly cause damages to all the members. Please check for viruses as much as possible. Furthermore, keep in mind that mails with attached documents might be automatically rejected to transmit or receive depending on the capacity (uppermost limit: 400KB) or the kinds of them.

In the case where mails do not reach to the members.

Those who registered to the service are required to keep their addresses updated. In order to prevent a network failure from occurring, we will automatically delete registered addresses in the case that our operation server receives error mails repeatedly (more than 1month) from them. You have to take great care for that. However, you are able to register for the service once again immediately after the automatic deletion.

  • Is there enough spare capacity in the receiving mail box?
    (If the mail receiving box is occupied with other mails, mails from the mailing list will be rejected)

  • Are the mail addresses you used for registration valid?
    (In the case where addresses are changed due to an affiliation change, etc., you are required to cancel the membership with the former address.)

  • Are you not forwarding mails to your mobile/PHS?
    (There are a lot of restrictions in mobile phones and other tools regarding the size of receiving mails and so on. Keep in mind that they often cause trouble with a high percentage of returned error mails.)

  • Do you sometimes keep your reception POP server down for a long time?
    (Due to server maintenance or in the case of household server receiving mails.)

Take heed not to post to wrong address

neuromail-request _AT_ is the address for exclusive use dealing with the automatic registration, etc. Even if you are to send an e-mail to this address for the purpose of posting, it will never be distributed to the members (instead, an error message will be sent to you).

On the other hand, as neuromail _AT_ is the address for posting, mails of the automatic command (help, command, etc) will never be dealt with. Confirm the mail address carefully.

Connectionists are not to be reprinted

NeuroMail will not reprint US Connectionists mails.

List of mail addresses

List of e-mail addresses users can access:

(Addresses users can place in the box (To:))
  • neuromail _AT_

    Address for posting to the neuronal.

    Postings sent to this address will be distributed to all the registered users.

  • neuromail-request _AT_

    Address for automatic registration.

    Registration, change of registration address and cancellation of the membership are to be dealt with automatically by sending e-mails to this address. If you send an e-mail with a command such as “help” in the (subject:) box, the server will automatically deal with the task. It is the same service the former neuromail conducted. (The same task can be done on the Web, too)

    Refer to the above mentioned “Those who want to register, change or resign from the membership” for details.

  • neuromail-owner _AT_

    Address for an inquiry to the mailing list administrator.

    Inquiries to the server administrator or the news contents which are provable to be posted by many members should be posted beforehand to this address. The server administrator will deal with them appropriately.

Mail address the server administrator will contact you from:

  • neuromail-news _AT_

    The address of the server administrator, to give announcements.

    This address is used by the mailing list administrator to inform you of notices of academic meetings or study meetings, as well as the schedule of server maintenance and so on. This address is meant for exclusive use of transmitting e-mails. Be sure not to send e-mails to this address.


Ask any questions to the following address by e-mail:

neuromail-owner _AT_

Please do not to ask any questions regarding this subject on the phone or by mail.

Lastly, we appreciate your cooperation for the successful operation of the neuromail.